Dear Travel Juneau members,

As you’re aware, Travel Juneau is adopting a partnership model of providing services to Juneau businesses. This model is used by a number of destination marketing organizations, and we’re excited to be launching it over the next few months.

Additionally, at the November 30th meeting, the current board approved bylaw changes that establish a self-directed, rather than member-elected, board of directors. We’ll transition to the new model between now and June 30, 2018.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll answer questions about the new models and what they mean to Travel Juneau and its members. This week, the blog talks about partnership vs membership.

What is a marketing partnership?

A marketing partnership for a destination marketing organization (DMO) like Travel Juneau means that local businesses make a direct purchase of services from the DMO. The services and opportunities you have with us now will continue in the form of a partner marketing package; we’ve designed 5 packages that pull together the marketing options members have been purchasing, and members will be contacted regarding an appropriate package ahead of the regular invoicing period that begins June 1. The one thing that will not transfer is the vote for the board of directors; all other benefits and services are assigned to the packages with a few á la carte ad options. You will become a marketing partner.

Why is this better?

This model will enable the partnership services department to adapt quickly to marketing trends and opportunities, and make sales and account servicing more efficient. Further, we anticipate that being more inclusive will drive more organic traffic to the Travel Juneau website.  More than 50% of the destination marketing organizations associated with DMA West have moved to the partnership model, as it better represents the whole destination and makes the organization more authoritative.

Why are you getting rid of membership?

We have a number of reasons, one of which is the concept of becoming a less exclusive organization. As a membership organization, neither we nor our volunteers were able to refer qualified operators, retailers and the like if they were not active members. “Membership” by definition means that some are included and many are excluded. This created a two-fold problem: 1) we weren’t representing the entire destination, which is detrimental to visitors, and 2) city leaders were unhappy that legitimate, tax-collecting and remitting businesses were excluded. The partnership model allows us to include as many visitor-related businesses as we can find and put a basic, contact-only (no link) listing on our website. This will improve the authority and relevancy of the site, and our search engine optimization. That said, only paid marketing partners will have a complete listing and link on the website with images; additionally, only marketing partners will be listed in any print materials, including the Travel Planner Dining Guide.

Still have questions? Reach out to Darrin at 586-1753 or email to

Thank you for being a part of Travel Juneau!


Next time – the Self-Perpetuating Board