The bald eagles nest at Glacier Gardens Rainforest Adventures in Juneau, Alaska, is streaming live on the company’s website and YouTube for people from around the world to watch and enjoy.

Recently upgraded to a 4K HD camera system in the winter of 2017, the high definition footage of the wild Alaskan bald eagle pair shows the everyday life of these majestic birds of prey in their natural habitat.

An egg was laid in early spring, on or about April 21st 2017, and will take roughly 35 days of incubation by both parents before hatching at the end of May. Watch live as Momma and Poppa eagle take turns protecting their egg and tending to their eaglet offspring throughout the summer until fledges from the nest in early September.

Built in 2004, the resident eagle pair settled in a large Sitka Spruce tree on the Glacier Gardens property within view of visiting guests touring through the renowned botanical gardens. In 2010, an “Eagle Cam” was installed and has been streaming a live look at the eagle’s nest inside the company’s Visitors Center in the garden grounds.

The camera has watched as the adult eagles, who return to the nest year after year, have raised and successfully fledged four adolescent eagles. The parents delicately raise their young for several months until they learn how to use their wings and are strong enough to fly from the comforts of the nest at the end of the short Alaskan summer.