Travel Juneau packed Elizabeth Peratrovich Hall last Thursday evening for this summer’s What’s New volunteer training
With more than 80 volunteers in attendance, the majority of the event focused on changes in and around Juneau. Topics ranged from new businesses and changes in regulations to the status of the construction projects downtown.
In an effort to provide the best information to our volunteers, we brought in two experts to answer specific critical volunteer questions. Stephen Johnson from the Alcohol & Marijuana Control Office provided in depth answers about new cannabis regulations. Bride Seifert from Juneau Mountain Rescue addressed key suggestions for staying safe when hiking around Juneau.
Volunteers took advantage of this unique opportunity to ask a wide range of questions. Every year What’s New helps shape our volunteer corps into the essential informative resource it is for our visitors.
If you are interested in learning about some of this material or think it would be a useful resource for you or your staff, please consider attending Guest Experience Training on May 10th.