The Walkabout is just around the corner folks! If you haven’t heard of this event already, the Walkabout is a vital summer volunteer training for retail, dining and related businesses. Beginning at 11 am, the Walkabout is Saturday, May 13 ending at 3 pm.

To participate does not require extra staffing or hours, just the ability to speak to our volunteers who will be strolling around downtown. This is a great opportunity to encourage our volunteers to stop in and learn a little more about your business and it’s plans for this summer.

We have 12 brand new volunteers this year in addition to 140 or so others who may or may not have had a chance to visit your business.  We would love to be able to put you on their route!

Most volunteers will not travel in a big group and will be spread out across town learning more about what Juneau has to offer visitors so they can pass it along. If you are a new business or did not get to participate in Tours & Attractions training, this is another option for to getting your message out there through our volunteers.

To register for the Walkabout, please sign up here. Thank you to those of you who signed up to participate already.

Contact Anna Edgerly-Moore with any questions:
907-586-1740 or