Dear Travel Juneau members,

Between May 13-18, 2017, Juneau has the privilege of hosting USS O’Kane, the first Navy ship to call in many years. The crew is very excited about visiting the capital city on the way to Exercise Northern Edge. In honor of their visit, a welcoming committee of local organizations has been formed to develop and provide hospitality during the port call.

O’Kane has approximately 300 officers and crew, many of whom will take advantage of shore leave on any given day, including possible overnights. They will have been at sea for approximately seven weeks prior to their Juneau call.

If your organization is able, may we suggest offering free or deeply discounted activities, meals, hotel rooms, or similar opportunities to this large group of visiting military – keeping in mind that not all crew have resources similar to our visitors. Should a Navy coordinator make excursion arrangements, Travel Juneau will keep members apprised of updates. Depending upon the Navy’s procedure for booking, we may create a discount code to track.

If you are able provide hospitality to the O’Kane, please forward the following details to me by EOB Monday, May 1:

  • a brief description of the offer
  • if the offer is limited in some way (for example, 20 slots at a given price, first come, first served, or # of offers available per day O’Kane is in port)
  • the cost to the sailor + appropriate sales tax

Travel Juneau will forward all discounts to appropriate Navy staff handling the port call. Some members may have already been contacted for services. If you are already providing hospitality or otherwise assisting, please let me know – and thank you!

The welcoming committee will also organize a number of other events and opportunities to crew. Once confirmed, I’ll make this list, along with pertinent contact information, available.

Travel Juneau looks forward to helping roll out the red carpet for O’Kane and honoring its crew!

Regards, and many thanks,

– Liz