Travel Juneau headed for the sun last week as Simpleview Inc. kicked off their week-long Simpleview Summit in Tuscon, AZ. In attendance were 700 destination marketing organization (DMO) representatives from all over the world in addition to 200 Simpleview team members.

Simpleview Inc. provides Travel Juneau’s website content management system, customer relationship management database, and many other tools that help keep the organization efficient on a day-to-day basis.

Throughout the Summit, Simpleview offered in-depth forums covering best practices and innovative approaches for promoting DMO destinations and their members. Destination Marketing Manager Kara Tetley also took part in discussions on effectively using Simpleview’s array of resources to keep up with the latest destination marketing trends.

In addition to the variety of courses, networking with other DMOs was strong at Simpleview Summit. Conversations spanned from exchanges of new ideas, inspirational takeaways, and one-on-one meetings with Travel Juneau’s dedicated Simpleview team.