The Juneau Artists Gallery is pleased to announce the addition of two new Juneau artists to our membership.  Merridy Davis, creates banners with original designs of Alaskan Wildlife and Sealife as well as art cards and unique stickers.  Christine Lewis will be presenting original oil paintings of the Juneau area in full and miniature sizes and an assortment of cards.

Merridy Davis has been a Juneau resident since 1977 with the classic story of coming up for a visit during a sunny week and never leaving.  Her banner art was inspired by the Mexican tissue paper craft of “Papel Picado”.  She has adapted her designs to use nylon fabric which captures the look and motion while being more durable and weatherproof.   Although, wildlife and marine life are her featured designs, she also creates colorful all occasion and seasonal designs.    She will also offer a line of art cards and “sticker cards”, a two-in-one card and gift.

Christine Lewis has had a long “art journey” with grandparents who were artists and teachers and a mother who was an art major. Christine’s first commercial art success was with commissioned pencil portraits through her college years.  Years later after her kids were grown, she turned to oils and developed a passion for landscapes.  Her original landscapes really capture the essence and light of the Juneau scenery.  An impressive display of detailed original oil miniatures as well as card representations of her paintings will also be available.

The Juneau Artists Gallery is operated cooperatively by more than 20 local Juneau artists who each have a section in the gallery.  One or two of the artists are always on duty on the ground floor of the Senate Building on South Franklin Street.  The gallery still has spaces available for new artist members.  Artist membership applications can be picked up at the gallery.