Travel Juneau Members – this is your chance to share what’s new with you!
On April 27th, Travel Juneau will host an event called What’s New for our volunteers. We provide them all the information they need to give visitors the most current and cool information about Juneau and your business. Let us know what has changed or grown so we can pass along the news to our volunteers. 
What’s New is also when we announce the familiarization trips (FAMs) on offer for volunteers during the summer season. We truly appreciate those who have participated previously; it is a great way to educate our volunteers and help them pass along their enthusiasm for your business to visitors.
If you are interested in providing that first-hand knowledge to volunteers and thousands of potential customers, please consider working with us to develop a FAM. The volunteers appreciate it and it makes the information they provide on your behalf all the more valuable.
For those businesses that don’t provide services, another option is to provide a coupon for our packets we hand out at What’s New. It doesn’t have to be anything big, just something to help volunteers remember your business, or something to encourage them to drop in over the summer and learn about your establishment. 
Please email or call Visitor Services Manager Anna Edgerly-Moore if you are interested or have any questions about how these incentives can benefit you and your business.
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