The phone lines are ringing more steadily now that February is here. Visitors call or write for information on everything from tours and attractions to lodging and transportation. We’re ready – thanks to Anna and Lindsey, who have been busy in Visitor Services updating our information. We receive many inquiries from kids, and sometimes, a request from a student comes in the form of Flat Stanley.

Stanley, as you may remember, is a character in a popular children’s series who was flattened paper-thin in an accident; ones to see the bright side of practically anything, Flat Stanley and his parents realized that this made it possible for Stanley to visit anywhere in the world, via the mail.

Young students, usually around 4th grade, send Flat Stanleys – cut out of paper and colored with crayon – to destinations far and wide, including Juneau, requesting information and photos. If you’ve ever had a grandchild, niece or nephew send you a Flat Stanley, you know this can get, well, “elaborate.”

A couple of years ago, I took up the challenge of taking a Flat Stanley all over town, snapping images as we went: the Windfall Fisherman, state capitol, sea walk, and of course the Mendenhall Glacier Visitors Center and Nugget Falls. Stanley was alternately taped up or slid into a clear Plexiglas frame, depending on what he was sitting on or the background in the photo.

As I took Stanley sightseeing, I was constantly reminded of the unusual and spectacular beauty of our town, which inspired me to add captions to the images to give them some context.

While not all Stanleys get the red carpet treatment, we do our best to make sure that children who write to us receive great information about Juneau. Personal touches – like making sure a live person answers the inquiry line – leave a positive, lasting impression on prospective visitors, including parents, children, and teachers. Our goal is to ensure the best experience possible, even before our visitors arrive.

Thank you for your investment in Travel Juneau – the season will be here before we know it!

Liz Perry
President & CEO