Travel Juneau is off and running, promoting the heck out of Juneau this past couple of weeks. We know this place is magic and it was exciting to share that with everyone from media to potential visitors.
For both the News York Times Travel Show and AAA Great Vacations Travel Expo, we joined some friends:  our partners Visit Anchorage, Discover Kodiak and tour operators from around the state to help us get people thinking about Alaska.
Over the course of three days we chatted up over 28,000 travelers and industry professionals at the New York Times Travel Show. Destination Marketing Manager Kara Tetley made some great connections with members of the media interested in focusing on Juneau. For consumers in the trip planning process, Kara promoted the fabulous services and products of our members.
The AAA Great Vacations Travel Expo provided an opportunity to meet travel agents for North America’s largest travel agency and talk to folks about how to get to Juneau and Southeast Alaska.
Meanwhile, in Seattle, Membership Services Manager Sarah Cannard rubbed elbows with boaters of all types at the Seattle Boat Show. Travel Juneau participated on behalf of the Alaska Association of Harbormasters and it was great to hear excitement from folks planning to make the trip – some for their third or fourth time!