Winter and the holiday season are upon us – as we close out the calendar year, I offer these important reminders and updates:

Board elections: Watch your email for “electionbuddy” and vote for your preferred candidates for the Travel Juneau Board of Directors. The election is open and will run until 12PM, December 1. For more information, please contact Sarah Cannard at 586-1753 or email to .

Annual Meeting: Travel Juneau has engaged The Twisted Fish for the Annual Membership Meeting Thursday, December 8. Wear your holiday finery and join us to celebrate our year and learn the results of the board elections! Because of last year’s terrific response, we’ll again offer the opportunity for guests give toys, gift wrap, and/or cash to St. Vincent De Paul. Invitations and event details will arrive in your email soon.

New hires: Two new staff have joined the team: Anna Edgerly-Moore is stepping into the role of Visitor Services Manager, and Lindsey Thurman will take over as Visitor Services Coordinator.  The office is now fully staffed and training is underway. Please join me in welcoming Anna and Lindsey!

In closing:  I recently presented an overview of Travel Juneau at the Chamber of Commerce. Afterward, I heard several comments from the attendees that they had known generally what the organization does for Juneau but didn’t realize how much (and this was just an overview).  In this season of giving thanks, I’m grateful for opportunities to tell Travel Juneau’s story. The industry is vital to the city’s economy, and as Bob Anderson observed, “Every Juneau business is in the tourism business.”

Many thanks for your investment in Travel Juneau!