Destination Marketing Organizations like Travel Juneau generally operate at the top of the travel sales funnel – inspiration and dreaming. We use the unique characteristics – natural, built, historical, cultural – of our destination to “hook” visitors on Juneau and surrounding communities. Using our collective power as a destination to inspire people to come to our city, we take that responsibility off of your plate, providing tremendous value to you, our members, and the entire community in the process.

In addition to the high-level marketing and promotion we conduct, we also help drive business down the sales funnel towards conversion. Conversion may include ordering a Juneau Guide & Travel Planner, signing up for our email newsletter, or viewing our member listings.

Wondering how your membership is providing returns to your business?

While it’s difficult to quantify all of the impacts our activities have on your business, we are able to track some of them. Login to the membership portal to view the benefits that we’re providing to you. The benefits summary shows many different touch points between you and Travel Juneau: website listing views and clicks, leads and RFPs sent, won and lost, events you’ve attended, press mentions, and much more.

View the instructional video here

All information is displayed in easy to view graphs and charts with options to filter by date range and type of benefit. Login to get started

Which benefits do you value most? Comment below with your answers!