It may seem like such a simple tip, but sometimes the most simple solutions are the most effective.

Send us your news!

We are constantly looking for updates from our community about new products, services, businesses, tours, and partnerships to send out directly to consumers, media, and volunteers. We distribute e-newsletters to over 14,000 consumers via email, over 500 members of the media, and 140 volunteers (the largest DMO volunteer corps in the country). Updates from our members is a big part of those e-mail blasts.

New products or services?
Email Christy Ciambor, Destination Marketing Manager
Community-focused announcements?
Email Kevin Crowley, Membership & Community Relations Manager

Tom Cruise said it best

Share news with colleagues via Facebook

Want to get an announcement out to the rest of our membership? Join the Travel Juneau Member Business Facebook Group: a closed group for members to share news, ideas, ask questions, get feedback, etc. Click the link above and request to join.

Help us help you! Get involved in the discussion that helps us form the narrative of our destination.