The Whale Project, in partnership with the City and Borough of Juneau, plans to unveil a 28 foot tall, 6-ton bronze breaching humpback whale on September 3rd.  The Whale Sculpture is being donated to the community by the Whale Project to commemorate the 50th anniversary of statehood.  The Alaska artist R.T. “Skip” Wallen first conceived of this idea in 1993 while watching humpback whales bubble feeding off the west coast of Admiralty Island.  The Whale Project Committee formed in 2007 and has been at work for almost ten years planning, fundraising and bringing local people and groups together to support the artwork.

The Whale will be set in an infinity pool with spraying fountains, a brick plaza will surround the whale, and the backdrop to the whale will be south to Gastineau Channel and across to Mt. Jumbo.  The bricks are engraved with names of the Whale Project supporters.  The whale plaza is part of a City and Borough of Juneau park on the waterfront that marks the beginning of the 1.25-mile waterfront sea walk along downtown.  The park and sea walk are both under construction as part of the realization of the Long Range Waterfront Plan. This plan was adopted by the Assembly in 2004 to guide waterfront development downtown and link cruise ship docks and visitor services, local business and community, and local attractions together.

The sculpture unveiling will occur on September 3rd at 10am at the park, access is from West 8th Street by the Department of Fish and Game Building.

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