Travel Juneau’s mission is to promote Juneau as a year-round visitor destination in order to strengthen Juneau’s local economy. We accomplish that through a number of different activities, one of which involves bringing our industry members together to share information and collaborate.

We live in a small town, where many of you already know the go-to contacts within our industry, but people are constantly moving between companies, and new businesses are constantly becoming members. There’s always the opportunity for a new connection. 

Access the Membership Directory

The membership directory is available through, you guessed it, the membership portal. I’ve been pushing the membership portal on you a lot recently, but for good reasons. The portal allows you to access your listings, your employee contact information, your listing performance metrics on, convention leads, your business’s amenities, and last but not least, the membership directory.

Here are the steps (with screen shots).

Find Your Connection

Sort through our 260+ members by type of business, sort columns alphabetically, export contact lists into an excel file or PDF, or print it right on the spot. Check out the screen shots below:



We have extended this benefit to our members unrestricted to maximize open communication and collaboration. With that said, please use discretion if you are emailing large numbers of members at once. We don’t want any of you to feel like you’re getting spammed.



Next week’s tip: Keep us updated about you!