The Downtown Business Association joins forces  with Main Street USA to help facilitate the DBA’s portion of the Juneau Economic Plan (pp 88-93).

An economic development initiative that focuses on downtown improvements is critical in Juneau’s next decade. Downtown Juneau is already an asset to the community, serving as a lynch pin for several of Juneau’s largest economic sectors. Many opportunities for economic expansion also rest squarely in downtown. Thus, now is the time for Juneau’s city government and business community to invest in downtown, to turn around weak elements, and capitalize on downtown’s existing strengths and opportunities. – Juneau Economic Plan

This partnership aims to engage the larger community of downtown businesses and residents resulting in setting actionable strategies for downtown. DBA chose to work with Main Street USA because of its holistic approach to downtown revitalization. The program will guide downtown stakeholders in developing strategies for promotion/marketing, infrastructure/design, and economic vitality. Together, the downtown community will define strategies that address these areas.  DBA will then develop implementable work plans to begin work on the strategies immediately.

Although the downtown is geographically classified by the DBA from Norway Point to the rock dump, a vibrant downtown is integral to the vitality and sustainability of our whole community, from Thane to Echo Cove. It attracts investment in commercial and residential properties, helps retain a skilled, year-round workforce, and leaves positive impressions on our visitors, which leads to further organic growth of our visitor industry.

The DBA will be sponsoring a facilitator from Main Street USA to visit Juneau in mid to late September who will be conducting a workshop about collaborative marketing examples, effective social media strategies, and over 50 examples of successful retail and business promotions.

We’ll notify you soon about when, where and how you can get involved!