I would like to start off with a great big thank you for your help in making the spring volunteer training events a success. This year we hosted 8 different educational opportunities for our 140 volunteers, including the Tours & Attractions, What’s New, and Walkabout, and we couldn’t have done it without your generosity. There have also been more than a dozen FAMs organized specifically for Travel Juneau volunteers, as well as the many other you have invited them to participate in on their own.  THANK YOU!

Our annual Tours & Attractions training allowed 30 different members a chance to the educate 80 volunteers in five minute intervals.  Although it was quick, judging by all the questions volunteers were asking, it was effective. It was fun too!  As always, I’m grateful for the participation and it was a nice to see everyone.

At Travel Juneau we encourage members to invite the volunteers to experience what you have to offer so that they can share it with the visitors; a benefit we hope increases exposure and improves referrals to your business. Thank you to the 21 retail members that welcomed us into their stores for the Walkabout earlier this month, and to the seven different restaurants that provided coupons; I appreciate you engaging with the volunteers and supporting our program.

If you would like to organize a FAM or reach out to the volunteers please email or call directly at 907-586-1740.

All four of our visitor centers are open for the season and Sarah Cannard has been filling them with information on tours, attractions, accommodations and dining opportunities. If you have any questions regarding rack cards or need to update your information, please email Sarah or call our office at 907-586-1737.


Kara Tetley
Visitor Services Manager