Here we are on the cusp of our summer tour season. If you’ve taken a drive around downtown, you’ve seen the Docks & Harbors crew power washing the sea walk, docks, and sidewalks, CBJ landscaping crews putting in fresh plants, and shopkeepers cleaning and taking delivery of stock, all in preparation for our 2017 visitors.

This year, we’re welcoming Crystal Cruise Lines back to Juneau with the arrival of the Crystal Serenity, which was our first ship of the season. Travel Juneau is happy to announce that both Crystal and Princess Cruise Lines have requested “On-Board Greeters” from our Visitor Information Services. Department manager Kara Tetley will continue volunteer orientations and trainings through May to ensure that Travel Juneau’s 140-person volunteer corps is completely up to speed on all things Juneau.

Did you know that we have the largest corps of visitor services volunteers in the U.S.?

We also have a great – and growing – membership list. Our newest members include True North Federal Credit Union and Petro Marine Services, who have joined as Bronze Associate Members, as well as Juno Froyo, Alaska Community Partners, and tour broker Panhandle Excursions.  Please welcome these new members when you see their staff around town.

And, I encourage you to take advantage of Travel Juneau’s educational opportunities. Kevin has arranged for Phil Guidice from Trip Advisor to speak on managing online reputations – this Marketing Momentum is scheduled for Thursday, May 12, 5:30PM-7:30PM at the Elizabeth Peratrovich Hall. Please register here.

Next time – the “Bring it Home” program and an update on our re-brand. Thank you for being part of Travel Juneau!