This time last year, Juneau played host to Dan Moore, a consultant for the Adventure Travel Trade Association, and Jara Haas of Visit Anchorage, who presented on the importance of adventure travel to a destination and Visit Anchorage’s bid to host the 2016 Adventure Travel World Summit (ATWS). I thought it might be good to circle back around to both of these topics.

So first up, adventure travel. It’s a segment that continues to grow and my favorite snippet from the 2015 ATTA Industry Snapshot report is :

Adventure tour operators estimate that on average 65% of their per guest cost is spent with local businesses and remains in the destination. 65%!!!!!!

Secondly,  ATWS 2016 will take place this September in Anchorage and registration is limited so if it’s something that has crossed your mind, please register soon! Here is the link:

Travel Juneau will be participating in both the Marketplace and Media Connect events during the summit. If you do plan on attending, let me know! I would love to include you in our meetings.

Happy Spring!