Juneau can be a hard sell to a tour operator. Getting here, getting around, and connecting onward to other destinations around the state requires the three p’s – planning, patience, and persistence. While prepping (another p) for this year’s Go West Summit, held in Anchorage just last week, I found myself wondering  what does Juneau offer the international visitor?  We encourage operators to send their people to Juneau, but what’s available once they’re here?

Travel Juneau offers maps in various languages and we maintain a list of local people who are available to translate if needed. Once our website rebuild is complete, our site will auto-translate making the information visitors need available in their native language.  In many cases, operators are sending their people to Alaska with a guide who can accommodate them, but when asked what’s available locally … well, that’s where YOU come in.

To start, in the member extranet, Kevin Crowley has added Language Translation under the Amenity toolbar. If you offer tours or provide services in other languages, kindly update your listing so that we can direct inquiries your way. If these are services that you are thinking about providing,  please let me know.  I happy to send along some recent reports on international travelers.

Go West Summit is an annual show that features international tour operators and specialty suppliers offering tourism-related products or services in the American West. It was held in Anchorage, February 21-25, 2016, and Juneau had 47 appointments over two days! We also played host to four of the operators ahead of the Summit, February 18-21. There was a lot of excitement about Southeast!