Welcome to the new Travel Juneau member page, a blog where all member news updates, events & resources will live for the near future.

You may have noticed that this site is a free wordpress site (traveljuneaumembers.wordpress.com), and there’s a reason for that. We’re redesigning our website, traveljuneau.com, which will be rolled out in roughly 8 months. At that point, member resources will live there and news will be distributed in a similar fashion.

This site is a placeholder for that upcoming resource.

So, how does it work?

  1. Member News

    Staff will post news updates in the form of blog entries, which will appear on the home page with the most recently published on top.

  2. Email:

    If a new post has been published on this blog, an email will be triggered to all members every Wednesday at 11am. We’re working on tailoring this process further so that you can subscribe only to the subjects that are of interest to you.

  3. Events

    Visit the events page above to see and register for upcoming member events. You can add the member events Google calendar to yours by adding this link as an internet calendar.Instructions for Outlook.
    Instructions for Google.

  4. Member Resources

    Use this page as a point of reference to take full advantage of your membership benefits. Access the member portal, update your email subscription, and more.

You can bookmark this page, add the page’s RSS feed to your own feed aggregator, or just wait for emails from us!  The point is, you have more options in how you get your member news from Travel Juneau.